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August 15, 2009

DEC delays release of the draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement

Originally scheduled for late spring, the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation is now saying the draft will be released sometime in September. Once it is released, the public will be given a minimum of thirty days to submit written comments. The DEC is not required to hold hearings held across the state, but will if they are pressured to do so. Once the comment period ends, the DEC will finalize the SGEIS and unconventional gas drilling will begin in NYS. That could happen as soon as January 2010.

Now is the time to learn about the damage high pressure horizontal fracking has done across the country, and what you can do to stop the destructive processes from happening here. Everything you love about your home and community may be at risk. It's time to get involved - before it is too late.

One way to get involved: GasWatch

On about August 20, the first gas well will be drilled in southern Otsego County: The Ross1 well,  in the town of Maryland, is a vertical well into the Utica shale, but the driller will also be evaluating the Marcellus and other gas-bearing formations as he drills through them.  Thus it could lead to high-volume horizontal hydrofracking in shale deposits, plus drilling in five or six other sandstone and limestone formations. This driller, the first recently permitted in the area, intends to drill 100-400 wells if he finds sufficient gas, and he is only one of several gas companies who hold leases in the county.

Many residents are already concerned that the driller is ignoring their concerns and cutting corners, not following up on promised conditions such as truck routes to the well site.  In many ways this will be a test case for Otsego County and  the state: anything the driller can "get away with"  here may be incorporated into state rules for future drilling.  
The driller has already stated to the Maryland Town Board that he helped DEC re-write the rules for this well.  Why doesn't the public  have a say in how the rules are written and a good way to complain when they are not followed?

We would like to use this as a pilot project, too,  for local monitoring of drilling. Please go to and see whether you can help with our GasWatch project.

Upcoming Events:

Thursday, August 20
7 pm    Film: Rural Impact! followed by audience discussion. Displays on view & materials to take home.
Old Capitol Theater
Hancock, NY

Friday, Saturday & Sunday, August 21 - 23
Action Otsego's Water Festival


6pm - Poetry & Music Open Mic
: Share your watery writings and songs
9pm - Vanessa Bley performs a live set
Then the
Dance Party begins!
Old School Cafe, 2 Genesee St, Cherry Valley

Saturday, August 22nd
7pm - Pierstown Variety Show hosted by Chris DeVille
Pierstown Grange, 137 Wedderspoon Hollow Road, Cooperstown
8 pm - "Reading the Water" performed by Monica Hunken of NYH2O
Old School Cafe, 2 Genesee St, Cherry Valley

Sunday, August 23rd
8pm - Film Screenings
Water-themed shorts by local artists, followed by a feature-length film

Cherry Valley Gazebo, Main St, Cherry Valley

Water Paintings and Sculpture at the Cherry Branch Gallery all weekend.
25 Main St, Cherry Valley

What do you love about living here?  Clean air?  Clean water? 
Whatever is precious to you, the time to take a stand for it is



Is natural gas really a clean fuel that preserves air quality?  How about a benign bridge fuel to help us transition to renewables?  Take a look at this video:


Visit TXsharon's explanatory blog post, with comments from Dr Theo Colborn and the Texas Department of Environmental Quality 


How is it that DEC is aggressively monitoring family business farm & construction equipment for exhaust emissions, but plans to allow intensive industrial gas drilling & the ancillary activities that accompany it?  Propane stripper


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The purpose of our efforts and this mailing list is to make sure the place we love isn't turned into a wasteland for the sake of corporate profit.  There's a lot that any one of us can do, even with just a couple of hours a month:  write a letter to the editor of your paper, chip in for advertising costs,  put up posters for the next event, talk to your neighbors, go to your town board meetings, staff a table at community events - whatever you think of, whatever you're good at!   Please watch for future e-mails with notices of meetings, events, and activities in which your participation will help keep our region the beautiful place and community it is.  If you'd like not to receive future e-mails, please reply with both of the following in the subject line: your e-mail address and the word 'remove.'



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